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About CFS



Center of Flow Simulation (CFS) is a research and development unit, consisting of a team of researchers under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ali Cemal Benim (Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering of Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences).


CFS is specialized on the simulation of flow, heat and mass transfer problems in a very broad spectrum of flow physics and applications. Beyond the classical aero-thermodynamic analysis of a single phase/component fluid, flow and heat transfer problems with complex physics that may include mass transfer and chemical reactions, multi-phase flows with phase change, flows with thermal and/or mechanical couplings to the solid structure (Fluid Structure Interaction, FSI) can be competently analyzed. Flows in micro devices, in porous media, non-Newtonian flows as well as the flows coupled with an electromagnetic field are also in our field of expertise.



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