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Biomedical Engineering


Pulsatile Blood Flow in Human Aorta with Emphasis on Extracorporeal Circulation and Plaque Mobilization

Distensibility of Aorta Walls (Fluid Structure Interaction, FSI) and Non-Newtonian Blood Behavior are Considered

Developed Model for Boundary Conditions at Aorta Branch Outlets and Validated by Experiments

Analysis and Optimization of Cannulas and Further Medical Devices (including Hemolysis Risk Analysis)

Simulation of Pulsatile Cerebrospinal Fluid Motion in Human Ventricular System

Drug Delivery

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Shear Stress Distribution on Aortic Walls for Different Circulation Modes

Trajectories of Mobilized Plaques in Human Aorta

Instantaneous Blood Velocity Field in Aortic Cross Section; Left: Measurements, Right: Predictions

Predicted and Measured Time-Averaged Aortic Velocity Profile along a Cross-Sectional Line

Predicted Instantaneous Aortic Wall Displacement Distribution at the Instant of Maximum Inlet Velocity

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Aortic Flow Field Created by Cannula

Distribution of Wall Shear Stress for an Oxygenator

Streamlines Colored by Blood Velocity in an Oxygenator

Human Ventricular System: Drug Volume Fraction in Cerebrospinal Fluid at Different Instants of Time

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