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Heat Transfer & Cooling


Forced and Natural Convection Heat Transfer

Radiative Heat Transfer

Conjugate Heat Transfer

Development of Software (Design Tool) Tailored for Special Applications

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Cooling System for Thermoelectric Generator (Meander): Geometry

Cooling System for Thermoelectric Generator (Meander): Velocity Field

Cooling System for Thermoelectric Generator (Meander): Temperature Distribution on Cooled Surface

Cooling Fan: Vortical Structures in Blade Tip Region

Transformer Cooling by Oil: Temperature Distribution in Cooling Oil Channels

Wire Rolling Mill Cooling System: Velocity Diustribution of Cooling Air

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Screenshot of GUI Developed as Design Tool for Cooling System Arrangements for Hot Gas Delivering Ventilators

Temperature Fields in Cooling Systems of Hot Gas Delivering Ventilators

Heat Transfer Enhancement by Twisted Tube (surface grid)

Velocity Field (twisted tube)

Temperature Field (twisted tube)

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