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We offer consultancy services to our partners in design, analysis and development of their products in a wide range of applications in the area of thermo-fluid dynamics.


We work closely with our partners to investigate the already existing practical experience, any numerical, experimental or field data to find out the main cause of their problem.

Then, based on a theoretical analysis and our long-standing experience, axioms are established, which are subsequently assessed by goal-oriented simulations (numerical experiments), leading to the key design parameters and solution proposals to the technical problem.


We also design and propose tests for the verification of the solution and can support our partners to carry out these tests and analyse the results. 


We mainly apply Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based simulation methods. For this purpose, various commercial, non-commercial, as well as in-house developed CFD codes are available.


Based on the existing superior hardware infrastructure, high performance calculations can efficiently be performed for large, computationally demanding problems.


Depending on the problem in the hand, we also develop “tailored” non-CFD codes that may rely on e.g. semi-analytical/empirical equations for an efficient solution of a specific class of problems.  


Thus, our service can also be a software product that can be used by our partner as a "design tool".

We always work closely with our partners following their internal procedures to ensure a complete transfer of knowledge from our work to theirs. All our work is completely confidential.


Give us a call and find out what we can do for you !

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