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Prof. Dr. A. C. Benim is continuously working in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) since 1979.

The topics, on which he has been performing active research are given below.

Numerical Modelling

The Finite Element Method (FEM)
The Finite Volume Method (FVM)
The Finite Analytic Method (FAM)
Navier-Stokes Solution Techniques
Lattice Boltzmann Methods (LBM)
The CE/SE Method
Mathematical Modelling
Turbulence Modelling
Combustion Modelling
Two-Phase Flow Modelling
Radiation Modelling

Technical Applications


Biomass Combustion

Biofluid Dynamics

          Blood Flow in Human Aorta, Medical Devices   


Diesel Engines

          Mixing and Combustion in Cylinders, Diesel Oil Flow in Injectors  Gas


Entrained-Flow Gasifiers for IGCC Power Plants      


Environmental Flows

          Air flow over urban areas, Flood Risk Analysis


Gas Turbines      

          3D Blade Passage Flows in Axail and Radial Turbines abd Compressors

          Blade Cooling & Secondary Air Systems, Inlet Casings,

          Exhaust Diffusers ans Silencer Systems, Micro Gas Turbines  


Gas Turbine Combustors

          Combustion Modelling (premixed & non-pemixed, gaseous &liquid)

          Combustor Cooling, Diffuser and Hood Flows, Burner Design


Geothermal Heat Pumps


Industrial Burners    



          Combustion, Flow and Mixing in Furnaces of MSW Incinerators


Metal Processing

          Liquid Metal Flow, Continuous Casting,
          Cooling Systems in Continous Casting, Welding


Power Plant Boilers

          Pulverised Coal Combustion, Two-Phase Flow in Pulverisers,

          Flue Gas Flow in Tube Banks      


Steam Turbines

          3D Blade Passage Flows, Labyrinth Seals, Exhaust Hoods, Condensers


Thermoelectric Generators


Transformer Cooling



          3D Blade Passage Flows in Radial Turbines, Spiral Inlet Casings, Erosion       




Waste Water Treatment Systems


Wind Turbines


Diverse Applications of Internal and External Aerothermodynamics

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