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Thermoelectric Generators (TEG)


Development of a Multiphysics Computational Model for the Prediction of TEG Systems

Performance Optimization of TEG Systems with Emphasis on Cooling

Development of a TEG System for Waste Heat Recovery from Forging

Development of a TEG System for Cogeneration at Biomass Combustion Systems

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Hot Forging Products on the Cooling Belt

Views of the Demonstrator

Demonstrator in Operation

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Views of the Grid for the Performance Prediction of a 16 Element TEG Cooled by Impinging Slot Jet

Streamlines Colored by Static Pressure

Temperature Distribution on the Surface

Velocity and Temperature Distributions

Predicted Electric Power as Function of Current for a Test Case: Comparison of the Predictions of the Developed Model with the Measurements and Predictions of Hu et al. (2015)

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