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Gas Turbine Combustion


Premixed and Non-Premixed Combustion

Natural Gas Combustion with Emphasis on Flame Stability and Emissions Control

Combustion of Hydrogen Containing Fuels with Emphasis on Flashback

Combustion of Low BTU Gases

Oil Combustion using Different Atomization Techniques

Burner and Combustor Design and Optimization

Combustor Cooling

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Siemens Dry Low Emissions Combustor: Hot Vortex Core, Temperature Contours

Instantaneous Vortex Structures in Nearfield of Swirl Burner

Fuel Distribution at Sections in Swirler Channel

Combustor Inner Liner (Velocity Field)

Effusion Cooling (Temperature Field)

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Instantaneous Temperature Fields in Combustor (Large Eddy Simulation, Laminar Flamelet Model)

Time Averaged Velocity Field in Combustor: Above: Experiments, Below: Predictions (Large Eddy Simulation)

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